Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Use radical-sounding terms even when speaking of utterly mundane associations or goofy surreal motifs. Make it sound like the artist dresses in black and lobs molotov cocktails at warehouses.

Specifically, say "subverts" instead of using the simpler, perhaps more accurate, "mocks" or "plays on."

And say "paradigm shift" instead of "insight" or "point of view."

Talk about "reacting against" and "rebellion" and never say "satirize" or "imitate"; say, instead, "appropriate" and "deconstruct."

Remember your politically correct formulas:
Feminist = good
Gay/Marxist/Feminist = contemporary paradigm shift (= best).
Capitalist = bad.
Fascist=really really bad.

Now that you know how to say "appropriate" instead of "lift" or "steal" go ahead and appropriate philosophical terms that went techie a long ago, like "virtual" -- you sound like an idea hacker if you use that instead of going on about "concepts."

And finally, top the whole shtick off with some therapy speak in order to sound like a radical feminist/Marxist intellectual who cooks up dangerous anti-canonical schemes: say "intervention" instead of "graffiti" or "street art" or "vandalism".

Now: check out these really cool "site interventions" by D.Billy, and peace out!

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